Glucose Oxidase

Is Glucose Oxidase a sugar?

* No, it’s an enzyme!

* BioXtra products contain the components needed to recreate the Salivary Peroxidase System in dry mouths.

* The Salivary Peroxidase System needs the following components in order to be active: salivary peroxidase, thiocyanate, hydrogen peroxide and oxygen. Glucose oxidase is an enzyme which converts glucose to hydrogen
peroxide, an essential element of the Salivary Peroxidase System Sorbitol

Is Sorbitol a sugar?

* No. Sorbitol is a naturally occurring sweetener used in drinks and confectionery in place of sugar (sucrose). It is a non-active ingredient in BioXtra products and is used as a binding agent

Can the ingestion of Sorbitol cause diarrhoea?

* Large quantities of Sorbitol have been shown to cause diarrhoea, but to have this effect it is necessary to ingest 20 - 50gm per day.


Why does BioXtra toothpaste contain Glucose?

* BioXtra toothpaste has been scientifically formulated to include all the elements necessary to ensure the Salivary Peroxidase System is active in the mouth of dry mouth sufferers.

* One essential component of the Salivary Peroxidase System is hydrogen peroxide which is secreted by oral bacteria.
* To be sure that the complete Salivary Peroxidase System is present in the products - including hydrogen peroxide - minute amounts of glucose oxidase and glucose are needed in the formulation.

* Glucose is made up of alpha D and beta D glucose molecules in equal balance with each other.

* In BioXtra® toothpaste the glucose oxidase gradually transforms the beta D glucose molecules to produce the essential hydrogen peroxide.

* In order to maintain an equilibrium between the alpha D glucose and the beta D glucose, as the quantities of beta D are broken down by glucose oxidase, alpha D is converted to beta D, thus maintaining an equilibrium.

* Glucose oxidase again converts the newly-formed beta D glucose and the cycle continues in the mouth, helping to maintain the Salivary

Peroxidase System.

NB: The amount of glucose in the products is minimal - 2.5mg per 1gr - equivalent to about one crystal of sugar. The formulation ensures all the glucose is completely used up by glucose oxidase to produce hydrogen peroxide.
The average weight of a cube of sugar is 4.2gm - 2.5mg equates to less than 0.1% of a sugar cube. A similar, but less effective, formulation has been used regularly in the US and other countries for the last 10 years without any known reports of adverse effects with respect to the glucose content.

Candida albicans (oral thrush)

Do the products have an effect on Candida?

* Where Candida overgrowth is already present in the mouth BioXtra products are not a suitable treatment. However, BioXtra products can be safely used in conjunction with Candida treatments.

* Used regularly, the products may help to inhibit the growth of Candida in helping to keep the oral environment balanced.


What is Xylitol and is it true that Xylitol has a beneficial effect?

* Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener found in berries, fruits and mushrooms. It also occurs in small quantities in the human body.

* Xylitol is useful and suitable in dental products because bacteria are not able to metabolise it. It is therefore non-cariogenic (does not promote the development of dental caries).

* There is also evidence to suggest that it helps to prevent the effects of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth


What is Lysozyme?

* Lysozyme is an enzyme, normally found in saliva, which can break down bacteria cell walls, causing them to die. This important enzyme can kill pathogenic bacteria without affecting healthy oral flora and thus helps to stabilise the oral environment. Lysozyme is also known to have an anti-fungal effect [MRP1]


What is Lactoferrin?

* Lactoferrin is a salivary protein and is one of the most important naturally occurring antimicrobial agents in the mouth. It binds with iron molecules the bacteria would otherwise utilise for growth.

* Lactoferrin is normally secreted in the saliva and gingival fluid. It works in conjunction with lysozyme.

* Lactoferrin is also known to have a direct bactericidal activity, binding to the bacterial cell wall and causing cell death.

The Salivary Peroxidase System

How does it work?

* Enzymes in saliva activate a reaction between thiocyanate (a substrate found in saliva), hydrogen peroxide (produced by bacteria in the mouth) and oxygen.

* This reaction creates hypothiocyanite - saliva’s natural antibacterial agent -

* Hypothiocyanite inhibits the bacteria which can lead to a deterioration in oral health.

* In healthy mouths this continuous cycle is always present due to saliva and it is vital for good oral health



What role do they play?

* Immunoglobulins are important proteins which are produced by the body’s immune system.

* They are an essential defence system against bacteria, and an important part of the body’s natural resistance to infection.

* At the first signs of infection, the body produces specific immunoglobulins (antibodies) which directly target and attack the responsible microorganisms present in saliva and become activated when there is oral infection.


Why is Sodium Monofluorophosphate used in BioXtra Toothpaste and Mouth Rinse?

* Studies have shown that the only fluorides compatible with enzyme action are Sodium Monofluorophosphate and calcium fluoride.

Why is there no fluoride in the gel?

* To ensure BioXtra Moisturising Gel is completely safe to swallow and to enable sufferers to apply BioXtra® Moisturising Gel as often as needed, day and night.

Can the BioXtra products be used long term?

* Because BioXtra replicates the natural activity of saliva and contains no antibiotics or other strong chemicals, it is suitable and recommended for regular long-term use, in order to help maintain oral health.
afely used in conjunction with any prescribed medication.

* There are more than 400 commonly used medications which canily oral hygiene programme whilst taking such medications, in order to help prevent the short and long-term effects of dry mouth.oothpaste any different to other enzyme toothpastes?

* Other enzyme toothpastes are not able to recreate the Salivary Peroxidase System in dry mouths.

* In healthy mouths they may assist in boosting the Salivary Peroxidase System, but in dry mouths these products can leave a burning sensation due to an excess production of hydrogen peroxide.

* Dry mouth sufferers cannot convert this excess hydrogen peroxide to hypothiocyanite because there is insufficient saliva to sustain the Salivary Peroxidase System.

* BioXtra products are unique. There is no other marketed product that includes so many natural protective factors.

* Based on a patented formulation including salivary enzymes, proteins plus immunoglobulins, BioXtra acts to restrict bacterial activity in a way no other products do.

Closing the Tubes

Why should the caps be closed on the packs after use?

* The enzyme system in BioXtra products is activated by oxygen. An open cap may cause the first few centimetres of product to be less effective or even inactive.

* Since the mouthwash does not produce the Salivary Peroxidase System oxygen does not have an effect on the product stability.

Bacterial Resistance

Is there a chance that oral bacteria could become resistant to the products?

No - because BioXtra products contain only natural ingredients which
work to boost and replenish the natural defence system present in saliva, bacteria cannot become resistant because they are inhibited rather than destroyed - just as they do not become resistant to natural saliva.

Milk products

As some of the ingredients are by-products of milk could there be a problem with BSE?

* No! The products hold a certificate of verification that the milk used is from animals free from BSE.

Could the milk by-products cause any problems for those with milk allergy or lactose intolerance?

* All the lipids in our whey extract have been removed, but the lactose content remains, although it is minimal. It is technically possible that people with a severe lactose intolerance could experience an allergic reaction. However, it is useful to point out that, with the exception of BioXtra gum, these are cosmetic products destined for topical
application, not nutritional products passing through the digestive system.


Could the flavourings cause allergies?

* BioXtra products contain mostly natural ingredients which have been carefully selected to be gentle on sore mouths which makes them less likely to cause allergic reactions.

* All the flavourings are essential oils including: caraway oil, orange oil, anise oil, fennel oil, eucalyptus oil, vanilla,
spearmint oil , peppermint oil.

Foaming Agents


Why does BioXtra Mild Toothpaste not contain the foaming agent Sodium lauryl sulphate?

* Studies indicate that, in susceptible mouths, the presence of the foaming agent Sodium lauryl sulphate can increase the incidence of mouth ulcers, possibly as a result of it breaking down the protective mucin layer. In dry mouth sufferers the likelihood of ulceration is increased and this factor can be avoided by using BioXtra Mild Toothpaste routinely. (1)

* In laboratory tests, Sodium lauryl sulphate was also shown to inhibit the enzyme activity in BioXtra formulations

(1) Ref: Oral mucosal desquamation caused by two toothpaste detergents in an experimental model. Herlofson BB and Barkvoll P. Eur J Oral Sci, 1996: 014: 21-26

Is it necessary to rinse with water after brushing the teeth with
BioXtra Mild Toothpaste?

* It is beneficial to rinse the mouth with BioXtra Alcohol-free Mouth rinse in order to maximise the effect of the active ingredients. The mouth rinse will help to control the production of acidity made by the bacteria and create a neutral pH in the mouth in the same way as lactoferrin and lysozyme act in nature.

* Where the BioXtra Alcohol-free Mouth rinse is not used, it is recommended to rinse with a minimum amount of water in order to allow sufficient BioXtra Mild Toothpaste to remain around the teeth and on the gums.


What is the reason for adding colostrum?

* The colostrum in BioXtra contains a mixture of important immune and non-immune factors and other anti-bacterial molecules which help protect health and vitality.

* In combination, these factors can help control disease-causing organisms in the mouth.. They can also limit the formation and adhesion of bacteria to the mucosal surfaces, so helping avoid cell damage and assisting the mouth’s natural healing processes

* The colostrum is prepared in our own production plant.

* The immunoglobulins contained in our formulations do not have specificity against microorganisms. They have a cross reactivity against oral bacteria, and enhance the activity of lactoferrin, lysozyme and the lactoperoxidase system against suspended oral microorganisms.



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